Andy Graham's Computer Beat
Andy's Golden Rule of Podcasting: "You aren't funny"
Top 10 computer internet talks shows :
1. This Week in Enterprise Tech  Fr. Robert Ballecer, Brian Chee, and Curtis Franklin
2. Geek Speak KUSP-  Computers, space and science  Saturdays 12 pm
3. Silver Bullet Security - Gary McGraw monthly usually around the 25th or so
4. Triangulation -Leo Laporte interviews interesting people about technology
5. TekThing -Patrick Norton and snuBBs weekly pre-recorded
6. Hak5 - Weekly video Excellent topics. High  quality video . Network hacking and security.
7. Mike Tech show - practical advice for pro and semi-pro  and hobbyist computer techs
8. "What the Tech" Tuesdays at 2pm, "Podcast without Pretense" Weds 8pm Iyaz Akhtar , Weekly news 2pm Friday
9. Steve Gibson's Security Now - security news and theory
10. The Tech Guy  Leo Laporte  call in with live chat. Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Foolish Tech Show -  archived on on youtube
Tech Report Podcasts - performance oriented and gaming hardware and testing
Computer America live 9-11pm M-F - Relaxed and mellowed out
WBAI The Personal Computer Show- live Wednesdays 7pm
 TWIRT - This Week in Radio Technology- Commercial radio tech pros.
 Off the Hook -The second most pre-empted show in the history of radio
  My Hard Drive Died - w/ Scott Moulton on hard drives and data recovery. Occasional releases.
 The New Screen Savers tech/variety show with Leo Laporte -5pm Saturdays- take-off of old Tech TV Screen Savers Show
 Podnutz Pro  sharing real world Small Business Server experiences.
GeekBeat.TV -
Tech Vets Mike Smith and Corey Holzmen - the business of small business and home computer service
Network Security podcast
TWICH - show about computer hardware.
Computers2KNow...Live Sunday mornings 8am until whenever
PC Perspectives Wednesdays 9pm
Kim Komando commercial "call in" format show..only thing going on actual AM radio any more
PaulDotCom.Com Thursdays 5pn NSFW

Hansel Minutes - A model for good sounding p0dcasters.
Breakfast Bytes - Colorful host. Not just a rehash of all the same old topics.
The Cell Phone Junkie-  Top dogs  in cell phone tech talk.
This Week in Science  Dr Kiki (Kirsten Sanford) science news and analysis.
 Computer Talk with Larry Piland -10 minutes good content and 50 minutes of loud obnoxious ads, and news breaks.
Cyberspeak - computer forensics and computer crime investigation. Irregular release dates.
PC Perspectives - Wednesdays at 9pm. For geeks who are REALLY into video cards, motherboards, hard drives ...
Revision 3 -lots of shows here you might like
Floss Weekly - Interviews and discussion about open source software
CNET - odds and ends about tech
 Network World - needs a facelift
Futures in Biotech- its about bio-tech.
TechTalk-Stratford University - -super-geeky programmer and web developer talk
Tech 5 -  defunct
Ham Nation - Amateur radio Wednesdays 8pm
TWIT- roundtable with Leo Laporte. Sundays at 5pm
Bwana - good host, pleasant to listen to. Lots of MS bashing.

TWIT.TV is home of the Windows Weekly, This Week in Law (technology law) and Giz Wiz.  
Maxwell's House-defunct
 Crankygeeks - defunct
Obsolete broadcast computer talk shows page.
Debunking computer mythology :
"Security" erasure of hard drive
Defragging debunked
This page features the best in technology podcasts in a top ten format.

Shows from antivirus companies....With malware still the #1 problem for users this shows are all a little disappointing, too short, too infrequent and lack depth:

Kaspersky good show about latest virus threats ThreatPost

Sophos-virus and security. High audio quality podcast

Mcafee- Good audio quality.
Here is the logo from the old show we used to do:
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