Andy Graham Computer Services
113 S. 5th St Leavenworth,KS
Computer diagnostics, repair and assistance.
Chargers, power supplies, memory, keyboard, mice, computer diagnostics and repair. Used and refurbished computer equipment and parts. Serving Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, Lansing, Atchison, Weston,MO Platte City,MO
We will also assist you in recycling your old equipment.

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Mike Tech show - practical advice for pro and semi-pro  and hobbyist computer techs. My favorite.
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 Podnutz Pro  sharing real world computer business experiences.
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Ham Nation - Amateur radio Wednesdays 8pm
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TWIT.TV  a few computer and technology related shows here.
Here is the logo from the old show we used to do:
Andy Graham's Computer Beat Radio Show logo